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When Someone Starts a Blog, There first goal is to get at least 300 unique visitors daily, Which sounds good, but it’s not simple to achieve for a new Blogger who is very new in Blogging and SEO.

The question arises that why should you continue reading?

Because No one can understand how it is hard to get 500 unique visitors a day in a highly competitive niche (Doesn’t matter your niche that much for adopting the following method).

Just like others, I have started from scratch with a small budget in a high competitive niche like Nutrition. Most of the traffic I generated on my Blogsite was come from Search Engines, Email List, Commenting, Guest Posting, and the social media sites.

The first and important sources of traffic are Search Engines, and they are also famous as Organic.

Today, I will only show you how I generated traffic by taking help of long-tail keywords.

How To Get Traffic From Search Engines

The above question, I searched in Google carefully hundreds to thousands of times to get an answer.

Nearly, All suggested that the straightforward and easiest way to get visitors to your website is Long-Tail Keywords.

Have you tried to target long tail keywords on your website?

I know, I’m not the only one who searches in Google for the question “how to get traffic from search engines“.

You already searched that query in Google, and you know better than me that Long-Tail Keyword has more success rate of bringing visitors to a Blogsite.

But, It is not working for you? Am I Right?

Let’s Find out how to find a good long-tail keyword that can bring organic traffic to your website.

I don’t want to put you in confusion. Therefore, I’ll only write three easy way to find a good long-tail keyword that will bring organic visitors to your website.

Keyword Planner

Most of you know how to find keywords in Google Keyword Planner, but it is misleading most of the time.

We Search for the term and starts writing what they like, or We think low volume keyword is not competitive and that will rank high in Google.

For example,

Search carrots in keyword planner,

As you can see above, Carrots has 74000 monthly searches according to keyword planner, Any new blogger will target that keyword for their website if he is new in blogging, Or possibly he will target all together to make it a long-tail keyword. For example, Purple Carrots Nutrition

New Blogger will think that I’m targeting all three keyword and lots of visitors will come to my website, but He is wrong, there are more than millions of articles around these high competitive keywords.

You need to understand, that New blogs can’t compete with them. New Blog always has 0 authority. If you are starting from scratch, then you need to target easy long-tail keywords, not the hardest long-tail keyword like above I mentioned.

Those who are not getting traffic and know that they will get traffic from a long-tail keyword, they will look for low volume and long-tail.

Here is an image that I took from Google Keyword Planner.

He will pick up “what vitamins do carrots have“, “Are carrots vegetables” or “how long are carrots good for“,

All of these are low volume and long tail, probably you get success with these keywords, but it’s hard for a new website to rank for these keywords, because there are already articles in Google around this topic, and they have got many backlinks, and page authority along with domain authority. You can’t beat them, and It is hard to survive in nutrition niche if you’re not playing smartly.

Let’s Try the 3rd type that You should pick up for your niche.

The above picture shows keyword “benefits of carrot juice in the morning” with volume 30 searches.

30 searches are low for someone, and You will never choose it to write a quality content. Possibly, I will take it as a waste of time (I was thinking same previously when I started my journey).

But If You try targeting low volume keywords around 10~100, and then check by using Google that there are no articles around those keywords, then you’ll see significant results in coming months. A new article will take one month~six month to show good result, and it will send good organic traffic every day.

When you target a long-tail keyword of high volume, you actually don’t target low volume keyword, you target similar keywords of that group, You’ll get traffic for all those similar keywords because there will be only 1 article in Google that will fulfil the demand of the question asked by users in Google, and your website will show on top of the Google results.

The above method will help you to get traffic from Google. It can alone help you to get 500 visitors from search engines per month if you make good quality content around them.

Google Auto Complete tool

This is also useful for finding Good Long-Tail Keyword.

Open Google, and type your search term.

Above, I gave the example of carrots. Let’s put it into Google.

You can see It also give good suggestions. But It will not always help, but try to choose the longest one all the time from Google AutoComplete Tool.

Long-Tail Pro (the Rockstar of Long-Tail Keyword)

#1 Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis Software…

Long-Tail Pro is among the list of best tool that will help you to get traffic with a long-tail keyword.

Long-tail Pro play like a superstar which brings the traffic by calculating the competition in search engine for each keyword that you put in that tool.

This tool is simple to use, and there are minimal possibilities that you’ll not get good search engine visitors after targeting keywords using long-tail pro (If you make good content around those keywords).

Image Source =dumbpassiveincome

Above you can see the example, of an easy long tail keyword, 22, 23, 24 are the competition calculated by long-tail keyword.

Following are the numbers that will tell you it’s easy to target or hard.

  • 40-50 = Very Hard (Easy to find)
  • 35-40 = Hard
  • 30-35 = Average
  • 20-30 = Easy
  • 1-20 = Very Easy (Hard to Find)

If you are having any problem to understand it, then you should try Long-Tail Pro.

The link Is Here: Get Long-Tail Pro

Last Point

A long-tail keyword is not that hard to find, and they have more conversion rate than the short and thick volume keywords. Many of us don’t know how to find long-tail keyword the right way, and how to make a quality content.

You need to keep in mind, with a long-tail keyword you need to give the search engine a quality content, that way you will start monitoring growth in your traffic via the search engine.

Let us know via comment “how you started getting 500 visitors daily to your website”.