For many people to use grammar correctly is absolutely primordial and normal. In the modern world in which we live, with the web 2.0 touching our noses and the expansion of the Internet to levels never before seen, people are more exposed to be judged by their way of writing and their grammar.

In most grammar guides, we are “bombarded” with which we must be careful with good spelling and writing in our ventures with writing texts.

But this is not enough to keep it in mind, because as much as we want to be careful when writing a text and reading again and again in a kind of witch hunt (but of letters), it will not always be possible to detect all the errors and inaccuracies of our texts at the ideal level.

The editor does not know of his own mistakes because his creation is his achievement, he is directly affected to him and it will be very difficult to him to slacken. Therefore he will not understand of some mistake, even when it is evident to others.

This is much more complicated when the script is writing in a language other than yours.

Technology is here to help us

Fortunately, technology has brought us many tools that greatly assist in this task. Yes, always the technology saving the human spice.

This technology has brought us from online translators, dictionaries to spell checker tools for grammar and writing. This last one is very important for those who spend night and day in this time consuming task.

So, let’s take a look at the highlights so you can use it in your workflow.

Most (if not all) are free, but if you dare and give the step of paying them, you will get more features and functionalities than the free version.

Count on these Powerful Online Spell Checker Tools

In this list are the best online spell checker tools for error-free writing, in their free version and paid version as well. So, Make sure that the tool is beneficial to you and use it.


1) Grammarly

Grammarly is the present best known spelling checker tools for error-free writing, so do not be surprised that it is the most powerful of all. Grammarly popularity is not for free, because it seems that whoever is reviewing the article and correcting it, was a person instead of a machine or a bot.

Grammarly is highly recommending over others, because It verifies everything in your article, from the classic errors of grammar and spelling to (and is cool) the improvement of possible words that you can use in your writing.

Grammarly is not far behind in terms of extensions on web browsers, since its extension is compatible with the main ones that exist today. Thanks to this you can correct those texts you write on the web without having to get out of there.

Grammarly offers its services free and paid. That is, for all tastes.


2) After the Deadline

After the Deadline surprises by its user-friendly system of correction because not only corrects the simple errors of grammar, but also it makes you correct suggestions; which is praiseworthy to be a page.

Also its style corrector passes the exam with good grade. This can detect the use of passive voice, unnecessary sentences and difficult reading comprehension sentences.


3) WebSpellChecker

WebSpellChecker is in this list for its ease of use. This tool bases its philosophy of success on the corrections that all people can access.

With a few steps and we will be before the corrections that this system offers us, so you do not have to be an well educated web programmer nor a hacker to do it.

WebSpellChecker will give you a taste of their free trial version and if you like it you can continue using their paid version.


4) Language Tool

Language Tool is a grammar checker that accepts many languages for their edition. The purpose of this tool is based mostly on teaching its users about the grammatical rules of the English language, the most talked about in the world.

Preponderance in this tool is correct gender matching or incorrect spelling. In addition, the possibility of writing in Canadian or South African English allows discovering new dialects of English.


5) Scribens

Scribens is a very easy-to-use spell checker. The friendly interface of the site offers its users a correct entry into the dictionary. As for the basic rules of English grammar its knowledge about this area is acceptable. It is a good way to correct your mistakes in a cover letter, for example.

This simple spell checker tool contains: spelling and grammar checker, reminder of the general rules of English, correction of the punctuation, quick definition of underlined words, correction of emails directly in your mailbox, correction of texts directly in social networks, possibility to share the site through social networks, plugins available for a free trial, privacy protection (thanks to a secure SSL connection), English-Spanish dictionary, among other features.

6) Ginger

Ginger is one of the publishers most recognized by the language professionals of Shakespeare. That’s why It received the Award for Excellence in Technology and Learning in 2010. Ginger use an innovative method of review.

With just a few clicks, you will be able to detect your linguistic errors and improve your written English before facing an exam.

Ginger also offers a premium version, ideal for writing professional texts and learning business English. However, it is not useful to pay the premium version if you will only use it to revise some texts from time to time.

It is the language professionals that will be able to use the site daily and make their purchase profitable.


7) Spell Check Plus

Spell Check Plus is a free spelling and grammar checker to improve the English level of your original text. Created in 2001, the site has three versions: Spell Check for English, Bon Patron for French and Spanish Checker for Spanish.

It uses a system of notes assigned to your writing. This work with a very simple principle: for each sequence of 100 words, the corrector eliminates the 4% if it detects a fault. Therefore, their level of the language is quite demanding, which allows a better preparation before some real exam in English.



There are numerous online spell checker tools for error-free writing and most of them are free. I mentioned all the famous tool that can assist you with writing.

For me, Grammarly is the best. I have tried its paid version and It helps to improve most of the errors. So, I highly suggest you to go with Grammarly. You can try its free version which will show you how great is this online spell checker tool for error-free writing.

Let us know what online tools you use for error-free writing.