What is Monumetric?

Monumetric (formerly known as The Blogger Network) is a full-service advertising network. Monumetric brings together those who are willing to give out their space for advertising and those waiting to advertise online.

They work on a Pay Per View (PPV) basis which means that publishers who join Monumetric earn revenue just by displaying ads on their page and number of clicks on the ad is not relevant.

They provide desktop display ads, mobile specific display ads, in-image and in-line video ads, rich media ads, native ads and interstitial ads. They call themselves “not just an ad network, but a revenue partner” and by the end of this review you’ll see why.


How does Monumetric work?

Monumetric deals directly with the advertisers and over time they have been able to gather a large pool of advertisements to compliment all kinds of content.

They work on data, as they say – they are crazy about it. They have different programs for publishers based on the views per month of the website and sign up is completely free if you have more than 80,000 views per month.

When you join Monumetric, their in-house data specialists analyze your site data and suggest the best course of action for you. While you sit and relax they are in charge of setting up and positioning and optimizing the ads. But they don’t do anything without your permission. You still call all the shots.

Their action plans are highly customizable. Results are measured on a regular basis so that you know what is working and what is not and can make the necessary changes. All data regarding the ads on your page are displayed on your custom dashboard.


What are the differences between Google AdSense and Monumetric?

Google Ad sense is the most popular ad network in the market. Google Ad Sense is majorly a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad network but also offers PPV option. It uses AdWords as source of advertisers and is powered by Google.

You will need a Google account to sign up for Ad Sense and it is completely free. When you use Google Ad Sense you get to choose the kind of advertisements you want on you page and also their positioning.

Google Ad Sense is one of the most popular ad network in the market.

But does that mean it’s better than Monumetric?

Let’s see;

Revenue generation:

  • Monumetric works on PPV. Which means publishers earn revenue even if there are no clicks on the ads, just for the number of views or impressions.
  • Google Ad Sense works on Pay Per Click basis, if there are no clicks on the ad then no revenue is earned.


Sign up:

  • For Ad Sense you need to sign up on google first and then Sign up for Ad sense.
  • Monumetric is completely independent of google. And is absolutely free if you have more than 80,000 views per month.
  • Google Ad Sense has very strict and rigid terms and conditions and if you breach even one of them, intentionally or unintentionally, they ban your account. You can still sign up on Monumetric.


Customer service:

  • Google Ad sense provides a toll-free customer care number in countries all over the world for handling publisher query and complaints. One can call up for assistance in during their working hours.
  • When you join Monumetric you are assigned a team of people who constantly work with you to increase your revenue. And you get a real person as an advisor to help you with anything you want.


Set up:

  • Once you sign up to Google Ad Sense, you can choose which ads you want to display on your page and where you want to display them.
  • Monumetric assigns a team to work with you and suggest to you the kind of ads that will be suitable bases on the content on your site and their placement bases on the size and content of the ads. Experts at Monumetric will analyze all the data for you and guide you through the whole process.



  • Google Ad Sense keeps 32% of the total revenue recognized by google in connection with the Ad Sense for content service, giving only 68% to the publishers.
  • Monumetric’s commission starts at 0% and increases with the increase in the revenue earned by the publisher and tops at a maximum of 30% – it’s a win-win for the publishers.  


User Interface:

You know what I am talking about if you have visited the Google Ad Sense site and the Monumetric site. Not everyone who owns a website of has a blog knows how the ad network technology works.

Monumetric makes an effort to explain in simple words and videos how ads can help your online business and how monumetric can help you reach your desired goals. Their team of highly experienced professionals are always available to help you with all your ad related needs.


How to sign up & apply for Monumetric?


1) Go to their site – www.monumetric.com

2) Read up, their site is very well made and will have any and all information you require. See if you meet their membership requirements.

Click on ‘Jointo sign up for one of their 4 programs based on the number of users you get on your web page per month. More Views equal more features. These features are carefully chosen depending upon the requirements of websites owners at different stages of their business.

3) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill in your details along with the website data in the form. There is no joining fee for websites with more than 80,000 views per month.

For websites with 10,000 to 80,000 views per month, a one-time fee of $99 is charged at the time of signing up.

4) In a day or two Monumetric will send an acceptance email and proceed with the implementation process.


Benefits of Monumetric 


1) Monumetric is one of the best ad networks. Their “For the publishers” policy drives them to give the best possible services to the website owners.

They understand that not everyone is a pro in digital marketing and analyzing website data so they provide free site audit by expert data analysists and deliver a detailed action plan during your appointment.

Monumetric understands that website users have varying needs at different phases of their business and offer 4 different kinds of programs to meet those needs.



2) Monumetric works to maximize earnings of the publishers who join them. They pay the publishers on Pay Per View basis which means you earn money for every person who visits your site doesn’t matter if they click on the ads or not.

This module is especially useful for optimizing low revenues and locations that don’t usually pay well.

PPV is even more beneficial because Monumetric offers a fairly high CRM (the price per 1000 views that the advertiser pays, if CRM is $2 and the ad network charges 50% as commission then $1 is the earning of the Publisher, thus the higher the CRM the more the publisher earns per 1000 views per ad) as compared to other ad network.


3) Monumetric understand that different publishers have different visions for their websites. One publisher might focus on user experience and another might be interested in maximizing revenue generation on their website.

They do not have any requirements of minimum number of ads on a page or a maximum limit, except in the Propel program which has a minimum ad requirement of 6 ads.

They let you decide what you want to do with your page by providing you the data and insights required to make an informed decision. They understand that not everyone is good with deciphering complex data to know the kind and number of ads should they place on their page.

Thus, when you join Monumetric, they assign a team and an expert advisor to you. Their aim is to help you reach your revenue goal while preserving the best user experience.


4) Video ads provided by most ad networks are very low quality, take a very long time to load and diminishes the user experience.

Monumetric has partnered with Volt Media Player and they distribute the media player to their network of publishers to maximize the CPM on their site. Volt media Player loads very quickly and plays silently without interfering with the user experience.


5) You stay with Monumetric because you want to. Unlike many other ad networks, they do not bind publishers in long term contracts. They let their hard work and your profits do their bidding.

Many publishers see 40% to 400% increase in their profits when they shift to Monumetric from other ad networks.

They work hard on increasing your revenue because their commission on CRM starts with 0% and increases only if your revenue increases and caps at 30% (one of the lowest commission rates in the industry). So, they earn only if you earn.


6) They make no false promises. They don’t claim to be perfect. They don’t say that their strategies work a 100% of the times.

But they do promise to work with you, for as long as it takes to take you and your business to your goal.


7) Lastly, you can use Monumetric along with other ad networks. If you are using other ad networks you don’t need to stop using them to experience the magic of Monumetric.

Just sign up and get a feel of the platform and continue it if you like it (there is no chance that you won’t).



Some delays in payments and reporting, $99 sign-up fee for sites that have less than 80,000 views per month and a minimum requirement of 10,000 views per month for the website to become a member – are the few wrinkles on the otherwise wrinkle free experience the Monumetric offers.

It is a true Ad Sense alternative and definitely worth giving a try. If you meet the minimum criteria month for a free sign up and don’t want to pay a $99 fee, I suggest get the required views per month fast and give a boost to your revenue by signing up.

Monumetric works for almost all kinds of niche but if you are not sure you can request for a free site audit and get the data.