Enjoyable articles attract new readers, engages your current readership & brings fame to your brand. Writing a great article is your choice. You can make it great, average or poorly written.

If you want to write quality content, you’ll have to put in time, efforts & loads of research. If you lag behind in this, it may leave things below average.

Your poorly written articles will only be a waste of time because they’ll be lost in the crowd.

The stance is clear, If you want to be rewarded by Search Engines, you’ll have to write quality content. If you need the spotlight, you’d have to do something great.

I’m going to reveal quite a few things in this article –

  • Writing Great Content in a Boring Niche
  • Making Your Content Interesting
  • Making Your Content Unique & Better

1. Introduction Plays Key Role

In journalism, The Introduction is the opening paragraph of an article, essay, news story, or other written work that summarises its main concepts.

The introduction is an essential part of your article. If your introduction is poorly-written, it’ll often lead to a poor readership. Thus, weak introduction discourages readers from diving deeper into your article.


2. The Longer, The Better

Search Engines love long-form content. And this is evident with top ten SERP rankings, for almost any keyword.

Longer content is usually better than shorter content, as it provides better value to your readers. The advantages of having an in-depth article are – more backlinks, more social engagement & often higher organic traffic.

3. Write Quality Content

Long-form content doesn’t usually mean

Writing long content doesn’t mean the quality of your content will be good. You need to maintain the quality of your article with the word count. When your readers are reading your article, they need to be able to understand all the information that they want and get the answer they are looking for. Bad quality content will harm more than good.

If you want to be able to offer something of the good quality of contents to your readers then you must have your industry knowledge. Try to gain more expertise in your niche and stay updated.

4. First Person Writing

First person writing means use of words like ‘I’ and ‘me’ instead of ‘we’ or ‘us’. It’s often a bad idea & people do the writing, not a company, so there’s a no-no to ‘we’ and ‘us’.

5. Attention Grabbing Headline

20% of those who read headline will click on your article to read it. This indicates a good headline drop 80% of your audience and great headlines can generate remarkable results in a reverse way. Headlines can alone help to increase the traffic of your article by significant numbers.

6.Use Concise and Simple Language

Your readers will like to read articles that are maintained with easy and uncomplicated language. If you use easy language in your writing then it will make your readers more engaged to your articles.

Easy language simply means you use a writing technique that it connects with your target audience and makes them read further.

Difficult writing style or language can make your readers to likely skip the article and go away from the website. You can keep your readers if they easily understand your writing, by picking an easy language and structuring the sentences and paragraphs in a proper way and arranging your content clearly. You should always consider making your content clear and easy for your readers.

7. Add some humour

Writing an article with humorous tone can add a life to a boring topic. It can make more fun for you to write and readers to read the article. Don’t hesitate to crack a joke but don’t distract your readers with it. Light jokes will help you to keep your readers attention to the topic.

8. Make good Use of Memes, Bullet points, and Facts

Readers will like to have some mental breaks throughout the content because nowadays they have short attention spans. You can give them these mental breaks without distracting them from the main topic. You can use of memes, bullet points, facts and humorous tone with your article to make the article exciting for your readers.

9. Be extremely clear

It makes you interesting and helpful If you are good at being clear. Here, Clarity is choosing a point, talking about that point and making it very obvious what you want to deliver via your article.

When you use the jargon of your industry while writing your content, just be sure to clarify yourself if you think there is a chance that your readers are not understanding an acronym.

10.Updates & Events that Affect your Niche

Everyone in your niche affected by something, you need to discuss it through your blog posts. People will show interest towards the article that is related to their life and work. There are often new updates in all industry, stay updated and share updates with your readers.

11. Add a Good Conclusion

After writing all the article you need to finish it with a good conclusion. It will be easier for your readers to scroll down to the conclusion part and have a fast summary of the article. Conclusion section will help to understand your readers what your article is all about. Just like the introduction, make a well-written conclusion for the article.

12. Increase the Readability 

You need to take care of readability of the article. If the readability is poor then users will leave your site very quickly. Worst case, they may close it after just staring at your blog post for few seconds. No one will like to read an article with poor readability. You need to improve it by using following methods:-

  • Try to write short, simple sentences. State the main concept of the content at the starting of each paragraph so the reader quickly understands the concept and keep reading further.
  • Make use of active voice in your sentences. It also helps your writing style and voice to deliver the concept of the article more concise and succinct.
  • Split up large paragraphs with subheadings.
  • You can highlight key points and words using boldface type and italics.
  • Include white spaces, It will help your article to improve the readability and help readers to read the article without any difficulties.

13.Read, Review, and Edit (Proofread)

It is normal to have typographical and spelling mistakes in your saved drafts of the article that you’re going to publish. After you finish writing your article you should make sure to read, review and edit it.

Proofreading is a crucial element of article writing, if you don’t proofread your article, there is an impression going to trigger to your readers that you’re careless, unprofessional, and rushed.

Usually, readers will find it difficult to focus on reading your content. An awful case, the article will be unable to deliver the message It wants to.

Always proofread your article or take help of a friend who can help you with proofreading. Don’t show yourself unprofessional to your readers.



Writing great content is never an easy job. You can make it less difficult if you write something that excites you. The best part of a great content is that it can always bring more readers, organic traffic, and social shares to your content even after 2-3 years from now. Add these crucial elements to make your article great.