Ezoic helped me to increase my website revenue by 150%~200% on my B2C niche site. I decided to share it with other bloggers to help them earn more revenue and give readers better user experience on their blog.

If you want to increase your ad revenue, then you need to find which ad size, ad color, ad position will give you more ad revenue and user experience.

Ezoic is a helpful friend who tells you where to put your ads, which display sizes to use and which advertisers to work with to earn more revenue and improve user experience as well.

Ezoic helps you to increase your earning without requiring to increase your blog traffic.

You may know if you put more ads or use bad ad sizes or position it can have a bad impact on your website user experience. Ezoic also deals with user experience and helps to improve it along with revenue.

What is Ezoic?

It is a Google award-winning machine learning platform, which makes it possible for users to automatically test different sizes, colors, the position of ads, access to premium ad partners, and offer the advantage of ad mediation to maximize ad revenue and user experience of your website.

It was founded by Dwayne Lafleur and John Cole. The testing and optimization of ads and website are performed through software. The customer service and support are amazing.

How does it Work?

The Ad Tester tool helps to improve the revenue and user experience. It is powered by an artificial intelligence system, which finds out all factors of a user’s session that effect everything.

It shows different ad combinations by different traffic sources and device sizes, which offers the enormous impact on user metrics and publisher ad revenue. The Ezoic main goal is to give each user a uniquely optimized experience.

Top Features of Ezoic Platform

They have many different awesome features to improve your website revenue and user experience. Here, I’m listing a few of them -:

Here, I’m listing a few of them -:

1) Ad Tester

It is one of the main features of Ezoic that helps to find the best ad sizes, position, types, and colors on a per-user basis. It optimizes thousands of variables. Therefore, it helps to increase revenue, user experience and reduces bounce rate.

2) Ad Mediation & Header Bidding

It is another great feature of Ezoic that link up your current ad networks, ad exchanges, native ads and header bidding partners to the Ezoic Platform. Then, your mediation ad partners will compete with over 1,500 ad partners that Ezoic works with to give you more benefits.

3) Premium Ad Partners

It enables for you to keep existing ad relationship while giving access to new premium ad partners like Google’s Ad Exchange

How to Setup Ezoic on Your Website for Increasing Revenue

I have mentioned above how Ezoic helps to increase your website earning. Now, I’ll tell you how to integrate Ezoic on your blog.

I’m listing few steps that you need to follow in order to setup Ezoic on your blog:-

  1. Create an Account on Ezoic
  2. Connect Ezoic to your website
  3. Add the Ezoic script to your website’s header
  4. Wrap all of your existing ad units
  5. Create new ad units
  6. Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange Program
  7. Turn On Ezoic

You will need to follow these seven steps to integrate Ezoic with your blog. I’m going to setup Ezoic on a WordPress site. In case you are using another platform then the steps will be same except the few WordPress things (like adding the Ezoic script to website’s header)

1) Create an Account on Ezoic

To start with Ezoic, you will need to create an account with Ezoic.

Following these steps to create an account with Ezoic.

1) Go to Ezoic.com (Use this direct link)

Click on “Get Started“, which is located at the corner of the page.

2) On the next page, a sign-up form will appear. You’ll need to complete the sign-up process by giving the right information to each section such as – Your website, Email, Password, what type of website you have and they also ask how many visits your website get per month. You need minimum 10,000 monthly visits to sign up with Ezoic.

2) Connect Ezoic to Your Website

After signing up, integration page will appear (Dashboard Page) with the title “Get started testing today” with a number of task such as – Integrate Your Site, Setup Ad Testing, Turn on Ezoic and Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange (4th task will appear after completing the rest three).

Integrate Your Site

The first step is to integrate your site or connect Ezoic to your website.

There are some methods for this integration, but I’ll only share two of the easiest method.

1) CloudFlare

CloudFlare is the easiest method for integrating Ezoic with your website.

If you don’t have CloudFlare account, then you can use CloudFlare guide or WPBeginner guide on “How to create a CloudFlare account and add a website“.

You can connect Ezoic to your website by using following steps -:

Step 1: In your Ezoic Dashboard, Click on “Integrate Your Site“.

Step 2: Click on “Integrate Now!

Step 3: Enter your CloudFlare account details

Step 4: Click on “Sign in & Install CloudFlare“.

After signing in to CloudFlare, you will get a text like this on the next page – “The app was successfully installed for the site“.

Note: In case you don’t get “Integrate Now!” option after clicking “Integrate Your Site” in your Ezoic Dashboard, you can simply go to “App Store” (you can use this direct link) and select CloudFlare app to install. After installing CloudFlare app, Next process will be same as step 3 and Step 4.

2) Nameservers

95% of Ezoic publisher use this method to connect Ezoic to their website.

Nameservers method is another easy method to connect Ezoic to your website.

It offers some features -:

  • No Downtime
  • Free CDN
  • Your Site Run Faster
  • You Earn More Revenue
  • Takes less than 1 minute to Setup
  • Switch On-Off Anytime

The following image will show you how to change nameservers.

You have successfully connected Ezoic to your website.

3) Add the Ezoic script to your website’s header

After connecting Ezoic to your website, go to Ezoic dashboard.

You have completed the first task of the list.

Now follow these steps to add Ezoic script to your website’s header.

  • Click onSetup Ad Testing“.

Ad Testing Setup” page will open and with a heading “Place the following script in the head area of your website“.

  • Copy the provided code from “Ad Testing Setup page” and place it in the header of your website.

Note: WordPress users can use  free Header & Footer WordPress plugin to place these codes to header of their website

After placing the provided script to the header of the website, you can Click on “Continue to Step 2“.

4) Wrap All of Your Existing Ad Units

You may be using different ad networks on your websites like Adsense and Media.net. In the following step, you will need to wrap all those ad units with the Ezoic placeholder.

In case you don’t wrap your ads, they will display on both the original and test layouts, which can turn out to violating AdSense policy.

To wrap existing ad units, you need to generate code by clicking on “Create New Ad Units” or click “Setting” at the top of the Ad Tester page and then select “Add Display Ad Units“.

Now, you will have to design your placeholder. You can choose different sizes, different devices and also where the ads will be located.

After clicking on “Add Display Ad Units” –

1) Select where the placeholder will go

2) What sizes of ads should be shown in the placeholder to test

3) Select what devices should see this Ad for the placeholder

Click on “Create Ad“, and the placeholder code will be generated.

The following image is for making you understand how to wrap your existing ad code within the Ezoic placeholder.

After wrapping all your existing ad code within the Ezoic placeholder, It will look like this as shown in the following image.

After replacing all existing ad units with wrapped ad units on your site, you will need to create new placeholders.

5) Create New Ad Units

Click “Setting” at the top of the Ad Tester page and then select “Add Display Ad Units“.

Step 1: After clicking “Add Display Ad Units“, you will need to select sizes, locations, and devices to test in the same method you did while wrapping your existing ad units with Ezoic Placeholder.

Step 2: Click on “Create Ad” after you select sizes, locations, and devices for your new Ezoic placeholder. Clicking on “Create Ad” will lead you to next page where you can get your code.

Step 3: You will need to copy those code and paste the code to the location you selected.

Example: – If you selected Sidebar location while selecting placeholder location, then go to “Widget” section, select a text widget, drag the text widget to sidebar widget area, paste the code into it and save it.

You’ve successfully created your first Ezoic placeholder.

It is very easy to add placeholders to your website. Create more ad units for your blog and place it to anywhere on the site you would like an ad to be tested. Ezoic suggests creating at least 15 placeholders, so the Ezoic system can get a lot of choices to test to help you to get better results.

Ezoic Ad Tester Chrome Extension

You can use Ezoic Ad Tester chrome extension to easily place placeholders on your site with just one click. You don’t need to create a widget and add codes of ads units manually to your website. Ezoic Ad Tester chrome extension solves your problem and helps you to implement many ad sizes and locations to your site with just one click.

You can download the Ezoic Ad Tester Chrome Extension from here.

You can watch this video to understand how to use Ezoic Ad Tester Chrome Extension

6) Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange Program

After integrating with Ezoic, you will be able to find a fourth link that will appear on your Ezoic Dashboard to apply for AdX.

Adx is Google premium ad exchange, which offers you thousands of ad networks compete for your ad inventory. It offers greater competition, greater price, and more revenue for your site.

Go to Ezoic Dashboard, click on “Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange“.

Fill out the form with right information and submit your application.

After submitting your application, you can go to Ezoic Dashboard and there you will find text – “We are waiting for Google to review your application. This can take from 1 – 24 hours.” below “Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange“.

7) Turn On Ezoic

You are done with all four important task of Ezoic. Now, you can wait for Google’s Ad Exchange to accept your application. However, there is one more step you need to follow for displaying ads on your site.

Step 1: Go to “Settings

Step 2: You will see 6 Basic Site Options. Select “Turn Ezoic On & Off” by clicking on “Manage“.

Step 3: On the next page, select the percentage of site traffic you want to send to the Ezoic Platform by different devices. The default percentage is 50%, but you can increase it to 90%~100% to get better results. Don’t forget to save the setting.

Ezoic Ad Test – Getting Started with WordPress (Video)

Ezoic has also shared an official video on Youtube that will help you understand easily how to integrate and getting started with Ezoic.

Important Recommendation for The Best Practices

Ezoic suggests to create as many ad units as possible (minimum 15), choose multiple ad display sizes, and select all the available ad locations. Leave it to Ezoic to test to make sure these display sizes and locations will work or not even if you don’t think they will work.

Link Your Important Ad Networks By Using Mediation

Ezoic allows you to use your existing ad networks. There is the Ezoic ad Mediation application, which allows you to work with existing ad partners on your blog site and assists to make them bid more for your ad inventory.

Mediation helps you effortlessly connect your existing ad networks, ad exchanges, native ads, and header bidding partners to the Ezoic platform.

Your mediation ad partners (existing ad network that you connect through mediation) will fight with over 1,500 ad partners that Ezoic works with and enhance the CPMs on your inventory.

In case your current ads generate more revenue than the testing ads of Ezoic then your existing ads will continue to show on your site. Or else, Ezoic will display the ads that will generate more revenue than the existing ads.

You can check here the list of ad networks who bids in Google’s ad Exchange.

How much does Ezoic cost?

Ezoic is not an expensive tool, and it also helps you to increase your earning to 150%~200%. Ezoic offers a free plan where you have to agree to display a small Ezoic ad at the bottom of your blog.

In case you don’t want to display that ad at the bottom of your blog then you can select their plan that begins at $49 per month for blogs with up to $1,000 in monthly revenue.

If Ezoic is increasing your blog revenue and user experience, then it’s very small price to show their ad at the bottom of your blog page, which is very small in size. But you don’t need to worry, first, you see how much they increase your revenue because they give 30 days free trial.

After 30 days of the free trial, you will agree to buy their plan or display the small ad at the bottom of your page because of good results they will give you in 30 days of the free trial.

You can see Ezoic plans in the following image.


Ezoic Minimum Payout & Payment Methods

If you are using Adsense and Media.net then you may know that their minimum payment threshold is $100. For low traffic site, those who generate $30 to $50 through their blog can’t reach minimum payment threshold every month. They wait 2-3 months to get their payment.

Ezoic minimum payment threshold is $20 that makes it ideal for low traffic site. You can also specify the minimum balance required before initiating a payment.

You can get paid via following methods from Ezoic after hitting mini-payment threshold -:

  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Dwolla Email
  • Dwolla ID
  • US Bank Transfer via Payoneer
  • International Bank Transfer via Payoneer


This is the step-by-step guide to getting started with Ezoic. If you get into any trouble, you can always ask Ezoic’s customer support. They are very nice and always help. It not only increases revenue but also improves the user experience.

Ezoic also solved the problem of low traffic site which is struggling to make money and reach the minimum payment threshold with Adsense, Media.net, and other ad networks. Ezoic is ideal for all the bloggers who are getting at least 10,000 visitors on their site.

Give it a try, since it is free for 30 days and boost your blog revenue.

Tell us your experience with Ezoic via comments if you are already using it.