For some obvious reasons, the apostrophe is one of the most forgotten marks in content writing. Even when you have written your work and used the mark chances are that you used it incorrectly.

Human error is quite excusable. However, if you want to excel as a prolific writer, you must deal with the most trivial mistakes such as misusing an apostrophe.

The readers of your content are curious to find the most exciting and professionally written articles. Apostrophe mistakes could be a major turn-off despite its insignificant size.

Here are some of the best online apostrophe checker available for further your writing skills.


1) Grammarly

As a writer, it is important that you write content that is free of apostrophe mistakes. Millions of people, including professional writers, university lectures, bloggers and students alike use this apostrophe checkers to fix apostrophe errors.

Blog editing and proofreading require professionals and as such, are expensive. To minimize these costs, Grammarly apostrophe checker tool comes in handy.

It features an ability of detecting apostrophe mistakes more than 10 times the ability of an ordinary word checker. It makes corrections on more than 250 apostrophe mistakes.

With its powerful algorithms, Grammarly automatically scans texts to detect poor apostrophe marks. It is just a click away! Try it. It is as simple as ABC.


2) White Smoke



This tool features as the most popular choice for writers that prefer a convenient online apostrophe checker program. It is an advanced tool and works with different web browsers, in Outlook and on Microsoft Word among other text editors.

White Smoke, in general, corrects apostrophe mistakes making you a better writer. Although it is a paid-up tool, subscribers get to use it over a free trial period. It offers an easy way to fix apostrophe mistakes. Give it a try.  


3) Punctuation Checker

In case you struggle with writing error-free articles, or your blogs are loaded with apostrophe mistakes, try using Punctuation Checker. Not only is the tool free, but also helps you write perfect articles using its automatic assistance program.

Simply visit the website and copy-paste your work, then click on the button to check your text. Note that with this tool, you need more than 40 words to enable it check your text for apostrophe errors.


4) Gregory’s Punctuation Checker Tool

This is another free online apostrophe checker tool that reviews the text and highlights apostrophe errors. This is an ideal tool if you are searching for a simple and easy apostrophe checker.

Although a less-than-perfect tool, it reviews most apostrophe errors. You only need to copy and paste your text and click on the “Analyze” button.


5) Ginger Punctuation Checker

Ginger is easily one of the best grammar and apostrophe checking tools there is on the web. Among it amazing features include is availability as an Add-on on Microsoft Word and as a browser extension.

It has both the Pro and Free versions. Its capability includes detection of redundant use of apostrophe marks within your text. It also has different apps and keyboards for iOS and Android users.


6) Paper Rater

Paper Rater is another example of an excellent online apostrophe checker.

  1. Simply copy and paste your text into the box or upload it from your computer.
  2. Click on the “Get Report” button.
  3. After it finishes analyzing your document, the Paper Rater Punctuation Checker reports with, among other things, the apostropheerrors.


7) Grammar Check

This tool offers free online apostrophe checks on your document. It is capable of detecting many errors in apostrophe within your writing. Its capabilities exceed those of a simple checker and as such, offers writers with a viable option.

Grammar Checker is secure since it does not save any of your data or keep log files. It also instantly processes the text and this makes it one of the best choices of an online apostrophe checker.

This checker uses colorful highlights to indicate the several mistakes within your text. Quite exciting.


8) Grammar Base

This online proofreader offers professional tools for detecting both grammatical and apostrophe errors.

Although this tool costs you some money, professional writers on this site offer you with assistance in rectifying the mistakes on your document.

Usually, the number of the professional writers checking the document is two. This thorough cross-checking of your document assures you perfection.


9) Spell Check Online

Spell Check Online is an amazing apostrophe checking tool that comes not only in English, but in other languages such as Dutch, Danish, French, German, Swedish, and Suomi, among others.

It is a simple tool that offers checks for apostrophe mistakes in your text. You have the option of copying and pasting your work within the tool and you are good to go. You may want to try it. It is amazing.


Parting Shot on Best Online Apostrophe Checker Tools to fix Apostrophe Errors

Whether you are a blog writer, student, freelancer or essay writer, you need to take advantage of the help offered by these online apostrophe checker tools. It goes a long way saving your time and money.

If your aim is becoming a great writer, you must begin by fixing errors with apostrophe. You are welcome to try out these suggestions.